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Who is Paul?

People say he is a Roman visual designer, but lives in Ladispoli a seaside town at few kilometers from Rome where, seems live and work as a freelance for the most various realities, alternating illustration, UI design and not least to graphic design, to his greatest passions, travels and the sea, in short, any excuse allows him to wear the wetsuit and leave the anchor is good.

It is not clear when his "career / love" has begun, there are people who swear to have heard him say "wants to be a draftsman" even in elementary school, others say it happened at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome where he was graduated in editorial graphics with the highest marks, with honours, others after four years spent in "Snapp" an American startup, with base in Italy and India, where he worked as a graphic & UI designer.

In short, it's a real mystery, the most authoritative source ( google search ;-) ) lets us know, it could be traced around 2012 with his advent on the social networks but we do not have the certainty. The only thing we know is he loves to work in a team, to exchange ideas, to create, to drink coffee, to complete all the projects and to receive good news!

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